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Is Life Unfair?

Why me? This is one of the many questions we ask ourselves whenever things are going so bad for us. We think that life is unfair because of the troubles that come our way. We get frustrated and depressed, because we are not able to get or do what we want. When that happens, anger starts building deep inside us until such time that we want to scream and blame God for being so unfair. Why is God being so unfair? Why did He let the heathens prosper and those who trust in Him don't? We envy those who are always lucky because they got big and happy family and they have everything they want. They are lucky because they have cars, wonderful houses, and all the comforts they can have. They got money and they got everything while we suffer and have none of what they have. When the rich becomes sick, they have the means to get the best form of care and attention from the top notch physicians, while the poor get poorer and sicker because they can't afford the services of the people who …

It's Okay to admit "I don't know"

Some Christians, especially those who have been for a long time, think they know everything there is to know about being a Christian.  They seem to know all the answers to every question and all solutions to a problem.  That's great because it means they are learning well, but it doesn't mean that you can brag about it because sometimes there are things you don't know.  It is scary!  Why?

When we think we know everything, pride sets in.  We don't want to admit that sometimes we don't know the answers or what to do.  We don't want to humble ourselves and let others share what they can to help.  It pleases God if we pause, confess our inadequacy, and ask for His wisdom as we continue to learn more about Him and more about living the Christian faith.  If others ask and we don't know, it's okay to tell them we don't know.  Get rid of that pride that won't help you grow as a Christian.  It's okay not to know because it takes a life time to learn a…